HORIN Genroku/Returning Spirit Incense Stick


HORIN Genroku/Returning Spirit Incense Stick

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A rich and bittersweet sandalwood-based fragrance.

Named after periods and places in Japanese history, Shoyeido Horin line incenses offer a modern twist on the ancient art of incense appreciation. Perfect for galleries, large rooms and musical events.

Blended in Kyoto, Japan by our highly trained artisans employing centuries-old recipes and techniques, Shoyeido incense is is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth. Specific ingredients are finely ground and mixed with pure water and a natural binding material called "tabuko" (machilus thunbergii). Using only natural components, the quality and ratio of each raw ingredient is critical to the final outcome. Moisture, drying time, and production methods are all major aspects of the blending process. Then the mixtures are extruded, carefully shaped and then slowly dried. Shoyeido's manufacturing process is renowned for its quality and high standards.

Keep away from inflammable objects while burning. 

7cm/20 sticks with a holder
Approx burning time: 20 min per stick