Leaping Dolphins Mobile in Multi Colours
Leaping Dolphins Mobile in Multi Colours


Leaping Dolphins Mobile in Multi Colours

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This adorable dolphins mobile was designed by Ole Flensted and is perfect for hanging in a child's room. It features three dolphins leaping for brightly coloured balls above them. This will create years of pleasure for your child!

Flensted Mobiles is a family business through three generations.

 Grethe & Christian Flensted stood at the helm for 28 years since 1954. In 1982 their son Ole Flensted and his wife Aase took over and ran the company for 35 years and in 2017, on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday (the 2nd of April) the business was handed over to their daughter, Christine Kit Flensted. It is designed and made in Denmark with great care. 

Flensted Mobiles are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skilful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang.

Size: 50 x 45 cm
Material: Serigraphical foil/Wood