Nokiba/Moss Garden (S loose 150sticks)
Nokiba/Moss Garden (S loose 150sticks)


Nokiba/Moss Garden (S loose 150sticks)

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To inspire visions of spring days in Kyoto, the renowned incense maker from Kyoto, Shoyeido artfully combined an impeccable blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and benzoin. This mild fragrance with evocative of plum flowers and fresh moss will bring the memory from the Moss Garden in Kyoto.

Coming in beautifully designed wooden box, this incense would be a perfect gift for someone who appreciates the Japanese incense culture. 


13.5cm/ Approx.150 sticks
Approx. burning time:30 min. per stick

*Light the tip and gently fan out the flame, then insert the incense into the holder.
*Use a proper incense burner or stand made from heat-resistant material.