Japanese Sachet Kaoru in Large Size


Japanese Sachet Kaoru in Large Size

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Shoyeido's colourful cloth, brocade and paper sachets are an elegant way to freshen linen cabinets, coat closets, suitcases, and musty auto interiors. Each sachet contains an 300 years old recipe of herbs and sandalwood. Traditional Japanese sachets often included an element of camphor to repel moths from fine silks and woollens. These sachets from Shoyeido also include a camphor note for just the same purpose.  

Kaoru sachets are made with silk brocade from the renowned silk maker in Kyoto, Kyoto Nishijin. 

The main ingredients of Kaoru sachets are sandalwood, clove, ginger lily, cinnamon, and patchouli.

* It comes in various patterns / cloths, so please allow us to select a sachet for you.

 Size: H 6cm